...Imagination At Work!

Billboard advertising cannot be turned off or pushed away. It is constantly there,
which in turn extends the life and length of your advertisement. Boomcity Advertising
understands this, so we recognize that an outdoor advertisement has to be creative
and eye-catching. Let Boomcity Advertising create a memorable outdoor ad in order to
reach your audience at a larger scale. We have strategic and attractive locations
in every corner of Africa…

IT BUILDS YOUR BRAND. Street Pole Advertising is an ideal form of advertising
if you are searching to create immediate awareness
for your company.

The Advert bin allows you to reach your target audience
in a specific town, city, or population based on where your
market is. This efficient way of advertising can allow you
to target any demographics, ages, income and ethnic groups.

It's time to take your brand to every corner of africa

By utilising Boomcity’s innovative outdoor advertising media, you are personalising and enhancing the visibility and credibility of your brand. These differing forms of advertising media were strategically tailored to suite the needs of various brands and budgets to ensure that brand awareness levels will strengthen over time. Here at Boomcity, we will increase brand awareness for your company / products by creating a strategic outdoor campaign in every corner of Africa
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