Marketing is The Medicine

By utilizing BoomCity Advertising’s innovative outdoor media advertising, you are personalizing and enhancing the visibilty and credibility of your brand. These forms of advertising media were strategically tailored to suite the needs of various brands and budgets to ensure that brand awareness levels will strengthen over time. Here at Boomcity Advertising, we will increase brand awareness for your company / products by creating a strategic outdoor campaign. 

your capable partner with strong expertise and experience.

Billboard advertising cannot be turned off or pulled away, it is constantly there which in turn extends the length and life of your advertisement. Boomcity Advertising understands this, so we recognize that an outdoor advertisement has to be creative and eye-catching. Let Boomcity Advertising create a memorable outdoor ad in order to reach your audience at a larger scale. We have strategic and attractive locations all over Zimbabwe and beyond our borders.


Digital signs are a modern communication channel to effectivley present contenton displays like images and different compelling details. Our mission is to develop incredible software and hardware solutions that create unforgettable interactive experiences to increase brand awareness. 

driving Growth Through Innovative Marketing